The Coffee Drinking Culture of Saigon People | SaigonWalks

The Coffee Drinking Culture of Saigon People | SaigonWalks

The Coffee Drinking Culture of Saigon People | SaigonWalks

Coffee is a drink that can be obtained on each street in Saigon; it also helps to develop the culture and lifestyle of this youthful metropolis. Saigon's coffee culture is unusual in its flavor of light and sweet coffee, milk coffee,... and the people's natural gentleness and sweetness.

the coffee drinking culture of Saigon people

The coffee combines well with foods commonly found in Saigon people kitchens; the most popular drink in Vietnam, particularly in the Saigon region, is beer. It has become a cultural aspect of life in this town. For further information, please click on the photos for information.

Eggs + Coffee  

Of course, egg coffee is more than simply an egg smashed into your morning beverage. Modern Vietnamese egg coffee is a dessert as well as a beverage. The recipe is now topped with a mixture of eggs. The thick, sweet mixture resembles liquid tiramisu or a coffee-flavored Cadbury Crème Egg.


egg coffee


The bitter taste of coffee coupled with the fat from the egg yolk gives it a very distinctive flavor. It may seem unusual, even frightening, but trying this drink will awaken your senses. Egg coffee arose from the desire to have milk coffee, but due to a lack of condensed milk during the war, individuals substituted egg yolks beaten till frothy for condensed milk. Nguyen Van Giang, the inventor of egg coffee, was born in Hanoi in 1946.

Condensed milk + coffee 

People in South Vietnam, as well as in Saigon, like sweet foods and beverages, especially coffee. Some people love black coffee, while others prefer black coffee with sugar. During the French colonial period, sweetened condensed milk first arrived in Vietnam. It immediately gained popularity among American soldiers serving in the Vietnam War. Nobody knows when people in Saigon began using condensed milk to create ca phe sua. They brew drip coffee with a specific stainless steel filter (Phin); the filter is placed over a glass with some condensed milk, and when the dropping stops, they obtain a glass of Ca Phe Sua.

condensed milk coffee

Condensed milk + eggs + coffee 

This drink's unusual blend brings out the characteristic sweetness of thick history paired with the rich taste of egg yolk. Condensed milk and eggs are stirred together in a glass, then hot coffee is poured. This drink is only ideal for drinking hot because the scent as well as the bitter flavor paired with the sweet and fatty taste can be completely appreciated. In the morning, at the corner of Phung Hung Market in District 5, sipping a cup of coffee with milk eggs and gazing out the window will provide you with an unusual sensory experience from taste to sight.

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