Traveling tips for guest to Vietnam for the first time | SaigonWalks

Traveling tips for guest to Vietnam for the first time | SaigonWalks

Traveling tips for guest to Vietnam for the first time | SaigonWalks

Vietnam's 3,260 km of coastline stretches from Mong Cai in the north to Ha Tien in the south. The continental shelf, islands, and archipelagos are all included in Vietnam's territorial seas in the Eastern Sea, which also extend to the east and southeast.

Do not attempt to see everything, particularly if this is your first visit to Vietnam. rather than selecting and going to a certain location. Because it will seem too overwhelming, and going from city to city and dealing with transportation will wear you out.

Where ought one to travel in Vietnam?

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Most tourists who visit Vietnam for the first time proceed to either the capital cities of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), in South Vietnam, or Hanoi, in North Vietnam, traveling in the opposite direction.

Consider visiting one or more of these Vietnam national parks, coastal towns, or UNESCO sites while you are there.

Everyone should visit Vietnam on their own. The Ho Chi Minh City Female Expat group has heard of a few instances of Grab motorbike drivers abusing individuals in parks and on the streets or taking pictures of the driving routes and emailing them to friends. Catcalling and bag theft are further problems. If this occurs, report it to the authorities and, if necessary, defend yourself.

Jewelry, purses, and phone thievery are the only crimes for which you need be concerned. Petty theft can occur at any time, including when on a bus or waiting at a corner. 

Traveling tips for guest to Vietnam.

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When using your smartphone to access Google Maps, avoid doing so near a street corner. In order to reduce theft, take a step back and stand close to a building.

  • Walk about town without a handbag by using a backpack or a crossover purse.
  • Use the seat trunk on your motorcycle to keep your bag and belongings secure.
  • Keep your phone off the table when dining on the sidewalk or by the side of the road. Simple swiping is possible.
  • For peace of mind in case something goes wrong, we always advise having travel insurance. You can never be sure of the future or if you'll need medical care. 

Larger tourist cities have an English-speaking population.

vietnam travel tips
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Vietnamese is a language that is advised to be learned, but because there are 12 vowels and six tones, it is quite challenging to master. Even after three years of residing here, we still have poor communication skills and our tones are still misunderstood.

Speaking English in bigger cities is ultimately preferable. Despite their shyness, many younger people will be able to assist you and understand English.

You won't be able to communicate in English if you're in the smaller towns and cities. The Google Translate app is the most effective means of communication. Even if the translation is incorrect, at least the other person can comprehend.

On arrival, purchase a SIM card.

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The first thing you should do after leaving the Vietnamese airport is purchase a SIM card. They are affordable, offer nationwide 4G data that is unlimited, and have calling capabilities (in Vietnam only). Additionally, while you're here, you may utilize Google Maps, Grab (the most widely used ride-hailing app akin to Uber), Google Translation, and other crucial apps.

With a variety of interesting places to visit, Vietnam is a lovely country to explore. When visiting this stunning nation, make sure to pack light and keep a few travel advice for Vietnam in mind. Send you travel advice for Vietnam to make sure your first trip meets your expectations.